The pitcher being up

By: Java

Might have been a dp situation I don’t remember. I thought it was curious I wanted to strangle him for not having someone up in the pen at start of game. Dodgers bullpen coach should be fired. For what happened in game 3 and game 7. Not for darvish being ineffective. But for not having his jugs gun out. And monitoring his control. After what happened in game 3 they should have been watching like a hawk and if he had no control the bullpen coach should have phoned Honeycutt and said uh I got no guarantees on this guy. He doesn’t look good. And you get wood up right then I think wood couldnhave gone 3-5 and kershaw same. Wood did go 2. Looked good Kershaw did go 4. Looked great. Those two together could have gotten you 7 easy add that to the 1 darvish got and that’s 8. Then you have morrow. Jansen. Maeda. Not to mention watson and cingrani. For a team that had plenty of good pitching in a p friendly park and weather that was inexcusable. I get the first inning. But I also think if la is trailing 2-1 that’s a very different game
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