Dodger dead money 2018

By: Java

Adrian Gonzales $22 million. Someone named Erisbel alphabet (arruebuerrrana or some Such)$6.5 milllion. Who? Oh but it gets better. You thought we were done with Scott Kazmir? Oh no. Perhaps the worst dodger signing ever. And there have been a lot of them to choose from is going to be paid $17.8 million next year. Call it the Andre Ethier memorial salary slot. Ethier? He gone. Well for a $2.5 million wall fee. Wow what a bad contract that was. Logan forsythe is due $8.5 mil or $1mil to walk. They’ll walk him. Oh. There’s more dead contract they’ll be paying Matt Kemp. Yep kemp. Howie Kendrick. Yeah. And one other dude a total of $10 million next year. Wait there’s more. Brandon I tweet more than i pitch Mc carthy is due $11.5 million and ryu is due $7.8 million. La Would do anything to dump Mc carthy kazmir and ryu but don’t expect any takers. At least ryu can start for you and eat some Innings with his 4.0 era That’s $80 million of dead salary if you’re cointing. Astros payroll i think was $90 million. Depends on when you count and who you count I guess. Pretty amazing.
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