I think Seager is still hurt. Tried his best

By: Torpedoman

in the WS.. but you could even see that he couldn't even run. He's already indicated that his throwing arm surgery is probably on the off-season table also. I thought he simply gutted it out, and Roberts should have at least dropped him in the order. 

Forsythe, may have saved his bacon by his post season productivity. Roberts also likes his stellar D. I was thinking that Charlie Culberson (work ethic and clutch performances especially well liked by the FO) may be a similar type of hopeful projection as CT-3 was. He's really worked on his hitting, and is considered the org's best defensive infielder. He can also play LF. Wondering of Culby might get the chance to take over 2B. Why give Forsythe $9MM for what he gave them all last season. It's not like the organization has any great shortage of infielders.

Does anyone think that Chase Utley is going to hang up his spikes? The org, wants him in either the front office or in the coaching/training ranks. Certainly they don't want to lose him, but I honestly believe that it's time to stick that fork into his playing time!


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