Try 230, 3-4 HR, below MLB caliber

By: Torpedoman

defense. Warning track power, will use his skill at going the other way to beat the shift for singles to brace his avg. He's actually a selfish player who's always dictated his status due to his stature.. His last 3-4 seasonal declines tell his story. His putting his job at the LAD on the back burner to play for Mexico and his brother this spring was asinine! That advanced his injury instead of helping it as would have happened under Dodger oversight. He failed for Mexico and it led to his fail for LAD, a wasted spring and a crap 2017 start. He was shamed into coming back early from his Euro vacay that he'd taken during the NLCS.. to save face with a couple appearances in LA.. before being asked to stay away because of the distraction (he lied about not wanting to occur lol). I bet that he makes an effort to show up in spring training if he's not luckily able to be traded in the offseason.. then ends up watching LAD eat his final year. What contender would ever pay that guy the $$$ for mediocrity  His biggest asset to LAD these past couple of years has been to try to 'get through' to Puig's social development. 

I think it's worth more to LAD to have his roster slot than to have him in it!

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