Disaster last night

By: Java

Metro link broke down.  Sitting a block from USC for half an hour literally nose to butt, everyone standing for 45 minutes.  Train then moved about 6 blocks then it happened AGAIN.  We transferred at 7th and by the time we got to Union Station it was 2 am.  That was rough.  On top of that we got rejected at our first hotel we tried to check in at at 4.  Booking.com snafu  And as a result instead of catching rail at 4:20 and being at game by 5.  Seeing friends.  We had to drive through the area around original Tommy's.  Which is a combo of Tijuana and Korea now.  Ugh.  Horrible.  And inch by inch went downtown and paid $100 more for a room and parking.  By the time we caught that train we got to the USC game at 8:15 and had missed the first 2 drives for each team.  Tough night.  All in the name of planning around a 8pm start and avoiding driving the horrible drive home.  

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