I think this is good for LAD. The FO

By: Torpedoman

loves his defense. From the last month or so of the season he heavily contributed.  He ended up hitting nearly 300 vs LHP, and hit close to that in the post season. His offense in that post season was pretty clutch overall. Just 30, and playing 2B, 3B, 1B at a MLB caliber,  his career @260avg vs all comers, 12+ WAR and a career 100 OPS+ projects that last season's struggles, which got off badly with a broken foot could have just been a bad year in the new league.  I think that now being settled and with a clean slate moving into 2018, which will be his FA prep year, he could have a monster season overall.  That $8.5 seems like a good investment in this situation. Although being a Righty also, Culberson should be the backup at 2B, to keep Taylor prominently a fixture in CF, but regardless, will get every opportunity to beat him out in ST.    

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