Kersha also has 'wins'... and would have

By: Torpedoman

most likely been competitive in K's with Max had the back injury shut him down. 

Interesting item though.. recalling previous to his back injury issues these past two years, his 'walks' stats were off the charts positive.. however since the injury(s).. his command is still problematic. The 'greatest pitcher on the planet' is still close to that moniker however his back problems have done more damage to his game than most folks realize.  

Post accident, having 40+yrs of chronic lumbar dysfunction, my life (physically) was changed forever. I've created multitudes of different ways of dealing with it.. I can just imagine a fine tuned high leverage professional athlete having those types of issues to contend with in his specific athletic career.

No way does anyone other than Kershaw deserve the Cy Young this season. imho! 

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