Pence is already expensive

By: The Ghost Of John McKay

and about to become a part time player ( per the GM ) and UFA after 2018.

Posey is locked in to 2023 at 20+ million.

Baum is the only one that could cost a ton of money after 2019 and I don't think the Ginats will pay him a ton of money after his accident last season.

Crawford is worth the money, where they screwed the pooch is Belt, 16 mil until 2021, look for them to dump him this off season if they can find a taker. Wouldn't be surprised if they try and trade Samardzjia as well, maybe even Melancon.

And I doubt that Stanton gets traded to the Giants unless they can dump salary. Their minor league sytem is pretty empty of top prospects. Look for them to get Cain from KC and maybe some bullpen tweeking, not much else.

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