LOL.. yeah, betting that the Winter Meetings

By: Torpedoman

will at very least have discussion on tweaking that 10day D/L. The LAD FO were genius in turning that D/L into their very own auxillary player shuttle, in what actually turned out to be an in motion 26-27th man roster addition. The way they managed the rotation was brilliant.. they covered injuries and for the most part kept the roatation fresh all season long what with extra days off etc. Wood for example played half a season with shoulder/elbow/forearm inflammation but delivered beyond what that could have been. Maeda died on the vine a year earlier, but was strong till the end. Ryu gave them way more innings than expected, regardless of his fragility in returning from the surgeries. Regardless of the many injuries, the bully ended the season as the top bully in the league. Bottom line, the rotation slots would all be variable and easily managable imo. 

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