Marlins get a young Latin star

By: Java

Who would be huge to Cuban market. Lot of upside in career. Cheap salary. Marlins take on two of those pitchers. So you now have two guys who will give you a solid 3/4 season each. The salaries are a wash in year 1. Dodgers don’t take on any water in year 1. I still ask Florida to eat something. And it doesn’t have to be up front. Ok. Eat 20% and if he opts our you’re off the hook. So it might only cost you $18 million. If you’re la you say ok now we are talking. Because we just got rid of $30 million of salary this year. We’ve got at LEAST $60 million back from the marlins. Now this guy is going to cost us $200 million over 10 years. You then say realistically we would be paying puig $10-$15 million over the next decade anyway. Maybe more if he performed and salaries continued to rise. So we are paying this guy $5-$10 milliom more year but he’s an established star. I think if you’re Florida you have to consider that deal and if you’re la you really have to ponder that. What muddles it to me is is Florida says nah keep puig we want verdugo. We will do the pitching because that makes sense and you need starting arms but you keep yasiel. If that’s the case then I think the deal makes a lot less sense for la. Unless they think they can move yasiel in a separate deal. Which given his salary and his 2017 is possible
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