Hall of Fame yes or no?

By: Java

Chipper Jones?  Trevor Hoffman?  Jim Thome?  Vlad Guerrero?  Those are the new highlters.  Barry Bonds, Manny Ramirez, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens, Edgar martinez all return.  Mikle Mussina too.  Other newcomers are Omar Vizquel, Scott Rolen, Chrius Carpenter, Kerry Wood, Johnny Damon and Andruw Jones.  


To me, that whole last group had nice careers and aren't hall of famers.  Barry, Manny, Sammy and Roger should not have cheated and no, I don't vote for them.  Martinez?  Nice player, but doesn't impress me as a HOF.    Gerrero?  Was never impressed with him when he played.  Too undiscplined.  


Chipper Jones, Trevor Hoffman and Jim Thome to me are all Hall of Famers.  So of this group, I'd vote for only them.  Doesn't seem like more than 1-2 get in each year anyway, so my voting for those 3 seems about right.  


Kerry Wood had too many injuries.  Hung on for as long as he could.  Johnny Damon was just a guy.  Andruw Jones was an aobe average player on great teams.  He's no more qualified than Dusty Baker.  Oh.  Jamie MOYER?  hahahahahahah serious?  You get nominated for pitching until you're 50?  Ok.  He sucked for his whole career, just had a rubber arm.  


Who are your picks?

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