I’m mid level metrics

By: Java

Like I get oba and ops and I totally believe in whip for pitchers. But when we start quantifying it to war I’m like really? How are you truly quantifying offensive numbers into wins? And how do you factor d into that? So yea the higher level stuff I have a harder time trusting because it’s not a number o can easily calculate and assign value to in my head. If a guy gets a single hr and walk in 5 ab I know that’s a .600 oba and a really nice game Same thing over a season. Trusting someone else do present me w numbers? And I’m supposed to be impressed and trust hem? I don’t like that. I have a hard time for example discounting the pain of a strikeout Discounting the value of a stolen base. Although I think it’s been a long time do I g the metrics guys are finally realizing the costliness or walks via their pitchers. So I guess to wrap it up I know a little amongst a universe of people who know a lot and talk freely about it daily. And thus I am often lost lol
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