Where to start

By: Java

They cheated the commissioners office by lying about what they paid international players they’d signed. There are limits. And pools. And they deliberately lied to circumvent these. This isn’t sign stealing. Think of it like systematically cheating the irs. Headed by the gm. You go to jail for that. Ok. Now it’s even worse. They then partnered with agents. To pay more money to lesser prospects Who they couldmoay any amount theybwanted. In return for the agents delivering better player prospects for less money. So now the braves and agents are cheating players out of money. So you not only have the commissioner wanting to kill them? You also have the players union wanting their heads. The Braves basically showed no respect for the rules of baseball. The authority of the commissioner. Or the jurisdiction and sanctity of the players union. They basically screwed everyone and acted im an incredibly selfish manner. I cutting those players loose major-league baseball has allowed them to go sign for their true market value. What makes me curious is that we always have players turn out to be busts. So how many these players just became free agents. Just had their contracts torn up. And may wind up with a worse contract because the one they got was for more than what their true value is now?
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