LKemp only cost the Dodgers $15 million a year

By: Java

Freakin brilliant. So they told the Braves we will trade you $48 million of salary in return for camps 43 million and as currency we will throw in Charlie Culberson Charlie Culberson is what makes the Dral worthwhile for the brace. The brace get three expiring contracts And could definitely use you more arms in the starting rotation. This is the deal that I was offering the Florida Marlins to try to get Stanton. Scott K and McCarthy has value. They’re starting pitchers. Between the two of them they can probably give you 40 to 45 starts at an ERA of 4.0 or below there is some real value to that when you were not in position to win a World Series. That can make you a lot more competitive. And that’s where the braves are trying to be. But here’s the kicker for the Dodgers. The Padres are paying Matt Kemp 3.5 million year. The Dodgers were already paying him 2.5 million. That means that $6 million of his deal was already spoken for. It makes 21 million a year. This means that the Dodgers have taken on $15 million this year and $15 million next year but they gave up about $48 million to get him. In addition. He can be a lot more productive for the Dodgers in the outfield and then Adrian Gonzalez can be at first base. I also think they feel they can get just as much production out of rock Stewart Walker Ferris buhler and Ross Stripling ryu and urias as they could Mc carthy and kazmir
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