He's not I just looked up his numbers

By: Java

And shoot, Matt freaking Kemp, speaking of him, has had years like that.  OK.  Bryce Harper has played 6 years.  Bryce Harper has batted over .300 twice.  Whoppee.  The other 4 years?  NEVER over .274.


Bryce has played 149 games once.  134 once and like 119 games or less a year other years.  IOW he is injury prone.


He strikes out over 100 times a year.  WOW.


He has had good power numbers ONE YEAR.  Other than that, he's Yasmani Grandal or Puig or whoever.  


Now, if he could get on the mound and throw 96 like he did in HS?  Switch hit like he used to?  Play catcher like he did coming up?  heck yes.  He could really be a value.  But he doesn't do those things anymore because t4he Nationals got greedy and wanted him in the show at age 18.  


I think Harper is a nice player.  But I am looking a those stats and I see a lot of guys who have numbers like that and will not command his kind of money.


I read something today that said the Yankees are going to sign Harper and flip Stanton.  Except doesn't he still ahve a no trade contract?  Stanton?  

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