I don’t see Harper.

By: Java

I do see a trade for Stanton if the yanKees want Harper And that would make sense for everyone. You ask the yanKees to eat 10% of the deal after the marlins are eating 15-20. The deal has one year less on it. Stanton goes where he wants. Lefty Harper gets that short rf porch in yankee stadium. I don’t see la shelling out $45 million a year over 10 years for a monster 2018 year Harper. I also don’t see them shelling out $35 mil a year for a Harper who has another sub par year and plays 130 games again. The guy is brittle. He doesn’t play a full season. Strikes out 100+ times. A a year in only 120 games. He’s batted over 274 twice in 6 years. Other than being on sports illustrated when he was 16 what exactly makes him special?
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