Hey now. Back off Vlad.

By: Dr. Spock

Dude had a career batting average of .318 with 449 homers and almost 1,500 RBIs.  He only played till he was 36.  He deserves to be in the Hall. He's also currently the youngest player in the HOF.  He's only 42.  He's also the only Hall of Famer who will have a Halo over his head.  He will also be the only Dominican hitter in the Hall.

From SI:

"Guerrero finished above .300 in 13 of his 15 full seasons. Between that and his other accomplishments—10 100-RBI seasons, nine All-Star appearances, six-30-homer seasons (plus two 40-homer seasons), six trips to the playoffs and four 200-hit seasons—his Hall of Fame Monitor score of 209 ranks 42nd among position players, significantly higher than the aforementioned ex-Expos (Larry Walker at 148 is the high). The only players above him who aren’t enshrined are either active (Cabrera, Albert Pujols, Ichiro Suzuki), waiting to hit the ballot (Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez), on the ballot alongside Guerrero (Manny Ramirez) or named Pete Rose or Barry Bonds.

Despite an aggressive approach that yielded a flimsy 6.5% walk rate, Guerrero’s power demanded the utmost respect. His 250 intentional walks (fifth-highest since the stat became official in 1955) helped pushed his on-base percentage above .400 four times, but relative to his high batting average, his .379 OBP is a bit light. At the 7,000 PA level, Guerrero’s 140 OPS+ is in a virtual tie for 47th with A-Rod, Gary Sheffield, Duke Snider and Jesse Burkett. There are only 16 players outside the Hall at that level or higher in that much playing time; seven besides Guerrero (Bonds, Edgar Martinez, Ramirez, Sheffield, Walker and newcomers Chipper Jones and Jim Thome) are on the ballot, one (Mark McGwire) was a Today’s Game Era Committee candidate last year, and three more (Rodriguez, Lance Berkman and David Ortiz) will become eligible in the next five years. Two more (Pujols and Cabrera) remain active. The other two besides Guerrero are frequent Veterans Committee/Golden Era candidate Dick Allen and the forgotten-except-in-folkore Frank Howard; “The Capital Punisher” hit 382 homers but accumulated just 1,774 hits, essentially ruling him out from Hall consideration."

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