Early indications @ Buehler... they

By: Torpedoman

currently want to control his innings cap.. similarly to how they attempted to govern Urias. His main goal is to improve his command/CONTROL.. and should start the season in AAA providing the older guys can fill the rotation to the FO's satisfaction early on.  

Did you see Toles? Looks like he's going to scare a lot of pitchers with that bad ass beard alone LOL.. He really sounded confident and ready to resume kicking ass. 

Also impressed with Verdugo. Sounds like he's accepted his earlier faults, has grown through them and is confident and dedicated to becoming a fixture in either of the 3 OF's.. Totally expects success. Looking and listening to him, it appears that the whole team dedicated the offseason to conditioning and is ready to get it back on track. 

Only negative to me was hearing Kenley and his MLBP union strike talk regarding the FA's current apparrent freese out in the "looking" obvious status of so many teams philosophy of non competitiveness to stay below the cap and to rebuild from scratch (a'la' the Cubs/Stros).. Last thing I want to see is a players stoppage while under contract. WTF.. let the market play out! 

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