Verdugo's 1st cup of coffee was only

By: Torpedoman

that limited experience late last season, so it's pretty much an unknown, what he's capable of in the Show.  After he screwed up, oversleeping and being late (or even missing) for a team function, that "mistake" sent him pretty much to the bench and all but ended his initial shot. He spoke to that, appears to have gotten the message and is moving on. I think the kid got the message by his response and off season actions. 

His game is speed, defense, and a great arm. He was initially a pitcher in his earlier development. He's supposedly a candidate for all 3 OF's.. He's a contact hitter primarily but indicated that his rigid offseason program to get bigger faster stronger should help his power #s. 

I pretty much trust the consensus of being such a highly rated prospect. It'll be fun to watch him grow into the game. 

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