Just all star games.

By: Java

And I think spring training games. Maybe it’s a precursor. Hope not. Understand why they’d do it in exhibitions. It’s called the California tiebreaker. Used originally by travel ball teams In tournaments where you’ve played 5-8 games over a weekend and your pitching is done Budgeted to the last inning. Usually only applies in playoff format since the prelim games can be ties. Which I always hated We had one ca tiebreaker. Memorable. Temecula tourney. Other team had man on 2 to start think we walked a guy. Next dude rips a shot that’s headed to the left center gap and my Midget ss goes high in the air. Snags it. In one motion goes back to 2 where our 2b is waiting and he runs to flip to first and the runner from 1 is about 2/3 to second. Easy play. My teams have turned one triple play ever I think. That was it. Wound up winning the tourney for us as we scored in our half. Has a baseball purest I’m not a fan of it. But I certainly understand the reasons behind it. I hope they do not bring it to truly competitive games. The only reason why we used it is that we were dealing with teenage arms. And already having played half a dozen games in two or three days
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