1-4 are very real

By: Java

USC has 3 kids from my area. Two brothers. One I coached for many years. Whose sister was a superstar at ucla softball. Anyway. The other brother? To be frank. Wasn’t very good and I never allowed him on our travel team. Not surprisingly he hasn’t done jack for usc. The mom is a master manipulator who got both her sons rides on the promise The younger wouldn’t go pro. As a soph the kid was throwing 94 Yep. 94. And with a match birthday he wasn’t an old kid if that makes sense. Legit. But Mom always used to move them around from team to team. Always played to who was going to give them more. Neither kid particularly liked baseball nor worked hard. To my Knowledge the older brother has contributed 0 in his time at usc The younger brother was Ineligible I think academically in year 1 and in year 2 had an era of about 6 in limited duty. Oh yeah. That 94 mph fastball? He didn’t play at all the summer after soph year and lost 2 mph. Which I hear he didn’t get back. So anyway. There’s two brothers. Two scholarships Wasted. And as you said. They don’t have many to give If they’d asked any travel coach in this area? We all knew those boys. Everyone knew their deal. I’d have said stay away You have to want to play to play in college. These kids just wanted and expected stuff given to them Now. I love the younger kid. He’s nice. Sweet. Quiet. But he’s not a driven ball player
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