Part 2

By: Java

Caleb Murphy. Kid is also from up here. Played for a 1600 student school that was for some reason playing D7. D7 is for schools with like. 100 kids Maybe 2-300. Excelsior is basically a continuation. Charter school some good kids. Some thugs Murphy thinks he’s a thug Grad A butthole Amy coach who did any research would find this out. His team beat up on younger and smaller D7 teams. Most of his team transferred en made from Apple valley high Probably 5-6 of them. All engineered by the grandfather of one player. Apple had a mess of a coach and the kids left. Well Apple is like D4 or 5. Legit. Maybe even 3. Those kids have no business playing D7. But they did. And surprise. They won and put up big stats. Then their coach. Guy named Wilson. Faked their stats and padded them further to boost certain kids. Like his son and Murphy.murphy was thrown out of several games for arguing. Had been in trouble for fighting. Even for I to it one time. During a game. While behind the plate!!!! Lol. Serious. I was just sitting in the stands!!’ Kid is an idiot and a hothead. Put up big stats and fake stats against inferior opponents. Then got a scholarship to usc Where look it up. He had failed Miserably in two seasons. There were tons of kids up here better than those 3 and all would have killed to go to usc. Michael Nolan. Mikey Odgers. Stephen Gomez. Even Jake griego his teammate. Logan Valencia transferred out to get away from it Oh. How many coaches get fired after going to cif finals two years running and winning once? Wilson did. And out of all that mess comes murphy. No thanks. And he’s failed at usc. Big surprise Not. There are three very clear examples I have for you that can demonstrate the usc staff that was making those decisions didn’t do much research and made 3 awful decisions If that’s how they operate them think how many others have been made that I didn’t know intimately about???
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