All the suggested changes are

By: Torpedoman

just BS!  The games average close enough to @3hrs regardless of the stupid change mechanism's... a normal game is 27 outs, not how fast you get there. Radical changes would only take away from the greatness of the game. The phony innovation is not worth the time frame they relate to which is basically from "a few seconds to a couple of minutes"... WTF! no big deal in the long run... Just leave the damn game alone. 

The season seemingly always comes down to the final day or two of the schedule to get the last team/s into the post season.. what the hell is wrong with that.. why try to make game affecting changes for the sake of what @10 mins? Just to give that time back by going to the restroom on the way out of the ballpark? or getting in a slow line driving out?  

I love replay reviews.. the focus is getting the call correct and the overall time add is in most cases trivial! I love the various old school strategies of using the bully. makint hitter/pitcher matchups and how they affect the bully/ dealing with pitchers hitting in the order and how that affects the game as a whole etc. If there are a couple of changes I would  make though, one would be outlawing those velcro batting gloves..period and it's not the miniscule overall game timing affect,  but it's just that it's boring to watch a hitter step out to adjust them after every pitch! The other change is that balls/strikes should be called by technology.. and then the role of the HP ump would be for calling relevant plays and controlling the run of playing the game.     

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