Yeah, OK


You're into winning divisons not trophies, that must be why you're such a Gomer lover, he wins nothing too.

And you may have missed this but, you don't need to win the division anymore to make the playoffs and what has winning the divison done for the Dog Shit Eaters ? NOTHING, except gag in the playoffs. Alabama didn't win the SEC, how did that work out for them ?

Never said I condoned Bonds steriod use, that's you putting words in my mouth. And the Doggies have had their share of roiders or did you forget Eric Gagne ? Gange said 80% of the guys he played with on the Dog Shit Eaters roided, true or not, roids were rampant in basbeball or did you miss that too ?

Kershaw might get one of these someday, but only if he buys one, HAAAAAAAAAA

Image result for giants world series rings


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