You guys just don't get it.

By: ColTrojan

NCAA baseball is only allowed 11.7 scholarships (and I'm not sure why the .7), and SC, like most Div 1 teams, have currently 36 kids on the roster.  You do the math.  How many kids can they get, on only 1/2 schoarship, who still have to pay almost $30,000 out of pocket?  How many are willing to do that?  When you have Cal St. Fullerton, Irvine, UCLA, Cal Poly, Long Beach St., and on and on locally in southern California - where it would only cost them, maybe $3-4,000.  NONE of these kids were alive back in the heyday of SC's great teams.  It's not the coaching, idiots, it's the quality of players that is needed to field a complete team and the difficulty in getting that many kids to pony up that much money.

For you non-athletic idiot posters,it's not always the coaches fault!!!!!


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