Angels have a problem with ohtani

By: Java

His arm is live. He’s inexperienced at this level. But he’s afdordable. He’s also generating a lot of attention. He’s 23. Random things there right? A Mexican league team lit him up for 6 runs in 3 innings yesterday and his fastball was 90. He doesn’t really have much of a curve. Either way the thought is that he has a legit arm. Just young. The problem? His bat. The angels are Counting on him being a dh. They’ve asked pujols tonplay 1b. But ohtani can’t hit a curveball. Can’t hit an inside fastball He’s got power but right now is like a solid college hitter or top travel ball guy. Scouts say he could use a couple year hitting in the minors. About 500-700 at bats. Can’t do that when you’re pitching. And mlb baseball is no place to learn My prediction is he becomes a pitcher only Which is fine because he’s a bargain arm at $2 million The further irony? He went to the AL to get more at bats. To be a two way player. He’s probably going to wind up being a P.O. and if he’s gone NL he could have at least hit 2-3 times a game. And been a very good hitting pitcher and thus an asset to the lineup like Maddie baby up in frisco
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