All of this OF fiasco is tied to Kemp.

By: Torpedoman

My personal opinion is that Kemp/Toles platoon in some form in LF until Kemp blows up/trade/cut etc.. 

Joc starts season in AAA.. fix your swing or you're toast. I think it's Dodger career armageddon time for him, at least he has options left, if his attitude is cooperative and he's able to get his shit together like during his rookie season.

Verdugo also starts in AAA.. IAW Colletti he supposedly needs 450-550-AB's.. which won't come in The Show this sseason but will between OKC and LA which will probablyl be how he's used.

Depending on Seager health, J. Peter might make opening day or will move between AAA/LA all season. Wierd because with our organizational OF depth, they can bring Taylor to the infield and supplant him in CF with a multitude of outstanding players.

DJ Peters has many options and is starting out in  AA along with Rios, Diaz and probably the best AA level team of prospects in the game.  

I think Kemp can no longer play MLB championship caliber defense. A stroke of luck might bring a hopeful trade?.. wishful thinking, to the A/L for a worthy caliber RHP? Once the lucky hot streak he's showing in ST cools off he's basically a liability that's holding back a better all around option. It wouldn't surprise me if when he cools down, that they outright him if they can't get something of any value. 

Kike Hernandez is capable of playing all 8 positions at quality defensive level. I think he can adequately hit all LHP's and hold his own v RHP's too. That disaster stat-line from the last half of 16 and most of 17 was associated with his dad's cancer struggle.. I think he's as valuable to the team as mostly anyone. 

Obviously injuries etc play a big part, and Roberts uses the entire bench almost nightly.. he used 140 (1-8) starting lineups last season, never the same lineup more than 3 consecutive games.  So, who makes opening day might actually be no big deal... 

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