Granted "not a great game" and yes

By: Torpedoman

all 8 of those hits look like line drives in the box score too. He didn't have command for sure, the two walks showed that, which is something he rarely give up. Those hits tho... the HR was a lazy fly ball out of bounds, the wind got ahold of it and carried it back into play and just around the RF pole. Panik never even ran till it was obvious that the ball came into fair territory.. there were 3 infield hits, two texas leagers and a lazy shot that Kemp hesitated too long, then couldn't get to it.. along with a couple of regular singles. Hell even Brandon Belt who hits CK at about a 080 clip lucked into a couple of knocks. The hardest drive of CK's outing was a smoking drive to the LF gap that Taylor ran down.  Still as you said, not a great game.  His next start is at Chase Field. Those DBack hitters will offer him more competitiveness lol

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