Maddening! KJ declared his own schedule

By: Torpedoman

for what it would take for his spring training to be accomplished. It was total bullshit.. The guy didn't want to work that hard after the previous season and it shows. The booth also infused "spring training hammy" discussion, and KJ was also seen flexing and working his shoulder after last nights disaster. 

Rizzo querried him about not being 100% and he responded that he was, it was just a slow start  and he's struggling with some mechanical issues.. Say fucking WHAT??? That is spring training repititive stuff, same with arm strength and command. He was down in velocity and had about zero command in both of his appearances. So whatever the team official disclosure is.. the kid basically dogged spring trg, is now in probably week 2 or 3 of legit opening day physical conditioning.. Games in April cound the same as those in Sept/Oct.. the fucking guy has shown to not be ready for prime time. Roberts/Hunnycutt gave him too damn much respect this spring. He can't throw his normal high heat and wicked slider if he don't have the velocity control to make it effective duh! I send him to OKC to pitch innings in the middle of games to get his arm strength and mech/timing down.. 

Lastly.. he had two outs and none on with a 3 run lead.. why didn't he just challenge both Goldy and Pollock? Make them hit the ball to get on.. to have tried to pitch carefully because they are the most dangerous hitters in the lineup was ignorant.. he should have challenged them... no walks!!!!!!!!!! 

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