Not so concerned @ CK because

By: Torpedoman

He's set his personal bar so high, that it's easy to expect too much perfection. Hell the team has only scored him 1 run thus far. Certainly he's never going to be the same pitcher as he was just prior to his 1st lumbar dysfunction.. but he's still by far our best option to dominate. I just wish he wouldn't be so overly focused on fine tuned performance. He has the arm and mechanics to just dominate by agression. No one is perfect in this game, sometimes I think he's actually trying to be! lol  

What does have me concerned however is the publicly displayed (almost verbal attempt to protect the image) attitude of the manager the FO, and the pitcher himself @ Kenley Jansen!!! Bottom line, they did not manage him correctly in ST.. gave him way too much respect and leeway about his personal offseason work regimen.. Now we have an supposed iconic closer that does not appear ready for prime time physically. Certainly just IMHO, but his displayed inneffectivness and non-chelant attitude appears to point that way to me. I hope that these initial failures (coupled with lack of success at dominating in his scant few ST appearances too) have given him a wakeup call that will provoke his getting off his ass and fixing it. To me it appears that he simply tried to phone in, what it legitimately takes to be the 'elite' that he worked so hard to become in his recent earlier campaigns.  I could be overreacting by being an armchair closer, @ Jansen, but wtf.. lets see what comes of this. Being a fan is a whole lot easier than actually having to produce lol

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