He needs to shut up. Shut his mouth

By: Java

Hey his fat a$$ into shape and perform. No one cares what he thinks. I’m not upset about losing the ws. I think getting there and going to game 7 is a huge accomplishment I think if that’s the level you play at each year your time will come. And I’m cool waiting And I get what la did in free agency. Don’t give up assets. Don’t spend huge on aging players. Build youth. This is what the braves did for years. This is Stan kasten. Get to the playoffs each year and trust your year will come when everyone gets hot in October. And la right now knows if they need to at a front line arm like they did with darvish that they can do so in July and August. What I’m not cool with is 4 games that were infinitely winnable. Tight contests Winning teams win the easy games as la has and figure a way to win a majority of the tight ones. La is 0-4 there. It’s early but I’m in no mood for the “oh we will be there when it counts” attitude of that loser Eric Karros
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