err ok.. however

By: Torpedoman

being the skeptic I am, I noticed Pence pulling the pitch past Forsythe, forcing Seager to a diving stop deep in the hole to keep the ball in.  Just saying, I really want KJ to dominate. I think he took the offseason to mean "off"... it shows so far.

What really concerns me about KJ is that imho he's no longer considered "game over". I oft wonder if the lengthy save usage by Roberts have taken a toll? the 4,5,6+ outs saves, especially down the stretch and in the post season last year. KJ started giving up HR's about the time his slider was losing movement. He started over throwing to compensate and his command suffered and he was getting behind in many counts. He also had developed trying to get ahead by grooving strike 1, and some of those got tee'd up! The game's just too hard, and being a power closer like KJ, obviously has its limitations. I hope that he can get his act together and go off on a dominant roll.. I'm keeping the faith, just bitching and whining about it is all lol 

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