Kenley looked really good tonight.

By: Dr. Spock

I only get to hear most Dodger games so I can't see it myself but Steiner and Monday are always talking about Kenley not looking like himself,  pitches missing spots, pitching in fear scared to throw strikes.  Then I see him pitch tonight and he looks lights out hitting 97.  Like you said the walk was a bad call by the ump but he didn't get rattled and got the final strikeout.  He looked really good. 

I disagree with you about Jock.  I think he's going to stay on the main roster because of his post-season heroics last year and he occasionally will have a big game like tonight. 

A big win for the Dodgers tonight vs. Strasburg and a very good Nats team.  Dodgers will see them in the post-season again.  They need to take the series tomorrow.  Can't let those bastards take a series in LA. 

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