Interesting story evolved @ Grandal

By: Torpedoman

according to Joe Davis/Orel Hirshiser.. Last season's personal performance disaster for Grandal, was probably the result of his off the field situation, and this never made it to the media. After starting the year under recovery of two shoulder injuries.. finally starting to get positives.. his wife's pregnancy (with their first child) came into the picture.. which ended up becoming a nearly full pregnancy almost bed ridden difficult and chaotic situation. Yaz spent most of his off-time traveling to and from Phoenix to be with and support her. Post game flight schedules, day off's, even back and forth car drives when flight schedules were bad etc. To have heard them talking about it, Yaz was effected the entire last 2/3rds of the season.. hence his losing his position etc to Barnes. So little Yaz by the grace of God made it and supposedly is aok healthy and all is well. The Yaz of 2018 is a totally different player thus far. Totally surprised me, and especially at how little was said or made of his situation during last season..   

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