Anyone else thinking this?

By: Torpedoman

A stinking turd (or two) in Dodger clubhouse this season? also a season long seemingly coverup/mystery from managaement?

PUIG>>>After sucking offensively in post season, and now not producing to date while seeming to ignore plate patience that he'd finally adapted most of last season. Also, regardless of his stated aiming for the gold glove, is often showing a sometimes laziness on D. Certainly making some great plays but not getting to many balls and not showing the gun he is known for.  Almost none of the "fun" antics and little of the congratulatory attitude from teammates. Spent the offseason primarily away from the team, and in the process actually got FIRED, by his representation. say what?  Am I just a conspiracy sucker here? Could his locker room have cut him out?  

KEMP>>> Who says his return is/has been accepted? The FO? IMHO and similarly to Puig, the selfish Kemp seems apart from the "we are one" appearance. I watch SNLA, and mostly every game, including much of the pre-post game production that the organization produces. The talking heads include both of these guys as "team" but I think it's phony and intended by the FO, as opposed to what I get from watching the whole available picture. Now, lets see if this "Quad tightness" is real, or is covering up worse? Kemp has historical Hammy's.. now the Quad he claimed happened when he turned on the jets chasing a ball he didn't get to that most good OF's would have, in LF.. He struggled to score later in that inning and then came out. Once he gets on the injury wagon his 300 AVG will decline rapidly and he'll end up a bad hitting/zero defense over the hill liability. His teammates must realize that he's a wash-out Jury's out but that's my take @ Kemp. 

Can't just put lipstick on a pig.. I think the clubhouse does not want Kemp in their clubhouse. I think the same way about Puig's status.

Has anyone noticed the now lack of "we love Doc" that was so prevalent previously? To much special treatment for certain players? What secrets does management keep silent @ Kershaw/Jansen/Seager's status..both medical and/or off the field) that could cause dis-harmony in the house? Player favoritism that affected PT of others (Joc, Kike, Trayce).. Playing the ST schedule primarily with the prospects.. allowing certain players to dictate their own ST personal agendas, then coming into the season with the big club not really being ready for the season. 

Bottom line, am I just an over-reacting whiney old bastard towards reasons I feel are causing the half ass display by my team, of pro baseball. starting this season. Both offensive and defensively too. I find it difficult to believe that the absence of team leader JT to start the 1st month+ of the season resonates this much.  Are the terms "it's still way too early" and "it's a long season" the reality of it all? Sure not having all that much fun watching the way we're playing the first quarter of the season.. btw against the weakest part of the schedule....   

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