Appears to me that we're getting just

By: Torpedoman

a bunch of excuses, out of Dodger management thus far. This latest.. trying to use Bellinger as an example was imho Roberts in panic mode! Terrible decision especially at the time. LA down by 4-0 in 5th. Bellinger who's on the upswing and already had two hits on the day, should not have been the "example' at that time specifically. At the time we needed runs not examples that hurt the team at the time. The same message could have been conveyed to CB, the entire team, had it been kept in the clubhouse! A hefty dressing down in front of his teammates in addition to a hefty fine! Bellingers 'decision making' during that play was the right move imo. He'd have been cut down by 10 feet had he taken the most agressive path at that instant. There's a distinctive line between dogging it and making a strategic decision in real time action. This goes against Roberts. Just like a growing list of other questionable decisions he's made in this young season. Lets just start on some of his reasoning to use Baez in high leverage situations alone, (why? because he is capable of electric stuff? lol... or giving special treatment considerations to certain players? I personally think there's an infected festering sore inside the house and it could be Roberts in CYA panic mode?  

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