Puig seems to be their most frustrating

By: Torpedoman

position player. He has MVP caliber skill, however that 5th tool, the one between his ears keeps his game in limbo urggg.

My guess is LA will try to make the best of this season, hopefully to at least get into the post season, then see what shakes out. I doubt they spend before the deadline to help that happen because I'd bet my last dime they are going to be all in for Bryce Harper ($400m/10yrs) and because of that they were hopeful that Puig could help their trade leverage for him by having a continued good offensive year. (not forgetting he also failed to hit in the post season).  It's hard to imagine anyone taking a chance on Puig now unless it's on the very minimum cheap. Regardless I'm pretty certain that Puig won't be our RF in 2019


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