Ah haaa! My question.. he had this UCL

By: Torpedoman

problem as far back as @ the AS Break last season. Was defensively (maybe offensively also) challenged then. Was apparrently shut down all offseason. Came to ST and only DH'd primarily, played D a handful of times.. has been precautiosly babied to date.. and now surgery and it probably explains the hitting slump he's been just breaking out of? WTF didn't they deal with this shit after the WS ended? It took modern top of the line sports medicine all of these many months  to diagnose this problem? Never a squeek from the team? This is discouraging as hell. I hope they move CT3 back to SS at least. We have plenty of OF options to cover the outfield for the rest of the season. HUUUUGE loss! Only 2nd to Turner imo!  The highly prized depth will definitely be on spotlight now 

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