CS5 ain't the Dodger SS of the future.

By: Torpedoman

 He's probably done there now. The average height of an MLB SS is @6-6-1.  At 6 foot 4 inches, 220lb, Seager is.. big. Now with the additional stress of making throws from the hole and cut off throws, forget it. The Dodgers probably won't risk it now.  Forsythe is history after this season, and if we've learned anything this season, the Dodgers don't exactly have a 2B prospect. While they don't have a prospect lined up, they do have a 2B.  Yep, Justin Turner played 2B in both HS and college and came up through the minors as a natural 2B.  Coincidentally, Chris Taylor happens to be a natural SS.  So Turner at 2B, Taylor at SS..It's their actual positions.  Seager can then slide right in very nicely at 3B. Now, it's obvious that the farm club depth for outfielders is great.. Oh and then there's the Bryce Harper subject for next season... 

I get the feeling that those Manny Machado comments are going to fall on deaf ears.. too expensive and it would cost 2-3 top prospects.. my opinion

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