He’s never had a great fastball

By: Java

It’s about movement. Somethings wrong mechanically or physically. My son‘s team yesterday played against the hardest throwing pitcher in the league. His velocity alone takes the bats out of about 1/3 of our lineup. However my son and the other top five or six hitters destroyed him. The kid has a nice flat fastball that too often he lays over the middle or inside of the plate. By the time my son left the mound we were up 14 to 2 and the two runs were on our end. But this big stud for the other school had given up 14. The final score was 19 to 6 and they walked away shaking their heads wondering what happened. The fact is the ball was flat the good hitters adjusted and destroyed the nice flat hittable ball. I tend to wonder whether this is happening with Kershaw
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