They are 4 games under .500

By: Java

And yes, 8 games back.  It's getting late early.  They will need to show some signs of life by the end of May.  This isn't what I had in mind BUT.


This doesn't surprise me.  I felt last year that Alex Wood, Chris Taylor and Cody Bellinger had surprise, career years.  The team outside of Urias was fairly injury free.   The Kershaw stint on the DL was milked.  


I felt it would be hard for all those guys to duplicate the seasons they had.  And losing Morrow would hurt.  While I was not a fan of Mc Carthy and Kazmir I did feel that between those two tired and broken down arms you could get 25 quality starts.  Then toss them to Free Agency.


So we see more injuries than expected.  Guys coming down off their career years.  And some pitching pieces not in place.  Morrow, Mc Carthy, Kazmir gone.  Darvish kinda sorta there and gone.  Urias still missing.  And Rich Hill when they gave him all that money, what did I say?  I said this is NOT the guy's career path to give you 30 starts and go 6.  He just doesn't have it in him.   He's a hit and miss guy.  Either has several years where he sucks.      Is injured, or brief moments of clarity.  we've seen that.  Now he's 37.  About time to reinvent himself AGAIN.  Problem is, you can't do that on a contender and it's pretty dang hard when you're staring at 40. 

Dodgers don't need a Bartolo Colon hang around with a 5.0 ERA type of old man.  They need quality starts.  Giving Hill $16 million a year for 3 years looked good last year.  I didn't think it would look good for the entirety of the deal.  Clearly it doesn't.  I felt the market for him SHOULD HAVE BEEN 2 years and $25 million.  In the Euphoria he got $50 million ish for 3.  And he basically was useful for 1 year.  Which is about what I suspected.  I hope I am wrong there.  

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