This is about as bad as it gets Dodger fans.

By: Dr. Spock

Getting whipped by a crap team like the Reds at home.  Lost last night and down 5-1 now.  SMH.

Sure, it's the Reds and the Blue Crew can definitely come back but listening to it on the radio, this offense is totally dead.

WTF is wrong with the hitting?  This is the f*cking Reds.  The deliberately tanking Reds.

I'm watching the Angel's game on mute with the Dodgers on the radio.  Angel outfielder Justin hit another homer tonight and now has 10 on the season.  ALL the Dodger outfielders combined have 10 home runs.  (Oh, and Trout has 12.)

Why do the Dodgers make every pitcher look like Nolan Ryan?

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