I think we turn it around.

By: Torpedoman

At least it's too soon to hand the NLW to the D'backs. Granted the chaotic start (actually when the shit pipe flooded the various areas it did)..  then.. yes the struggling has primarily been against the bottom dwellers... But the team is close to being the same team that ran away with it and has commanded the division for the past 5 or so years. 

Interesting to look at though.. The bully catcher and coach are new. Maybe they're not ready for prime time to fix the bully issues? Definitely Honeycutt is.. A big, but correctable, issue to fix. 

The D has gone from 1st in the NL to almost last. obvious massive daily position switches and fill in players? We improve dramatically when JT returns, CT3 is better defensively than Seager at SS and will probably end up hitting @270's with double digit HR's. Forsythe might be hitting sub 200 right now but is a tremendous defensive 2B. In. the post season Forsythe was one of our better clutch hitters.. was hot the whole post season.  Belli is on the cusp of GG quality defending  1B. He's hitting mid 270's yet still struggling to adjust to the pitching adjustments of the league. Sure he's confused some but has great potential to remain dangerous. When JT returns to the 3hole, CB is going to start seeing a lot of pitches to hit.  Just about the whole org with exception of Kemp defends the 3 OF's at not to far off of the leagues better defenses. If necessary Kike, like him or not can defensively fill SS/2B exceptionally well. btw.. Kike as a utility bench guy is hitting over 400 coming off the bench and has bonafide power potential. His hitting for some unexplained reason only seems to suffer when he's a game starter in the regular lineup. Getting 2 infielders back this week, will allow Roberts to use Kike off the bench morel  

We're actually amongst the division leaders in runs scored.. and all with the chaotic musical chairs lineups. Who thinks Puig is going to remain sub .200? He's been squaring up and driving the ball right into the gloves of the defenses pre and post his return from D/L. His K's are down and I think he's going to have a significant better remainder of the season. Joc is incredibly showing improvement, and Kemp has been a stunning surprise to the entire MLB. He's answered my whining skepticism anyway.. I hope he keeps on producing. Taylor's on the verge of raising his avg. now for the past couple of weeks.. interesting that it's coinciding with being moved down the order. I bet he goes back to leadoff starting Tuesday. 

The only thing that could hinder our turnaround is if they cannot find a way to help the pitching.  Friedman was non commital about jumping the 'tax cap'.. but If it's necessary to pull a string to affect a turnaround my money's on the Guggs to spend. I think schools still out on assessing the +/- strategy regarding the cap. 

True Blu since 58, and I've whined and bitched alot here, but I still think were better by alot.. and can become vastly more competitive. Hell look how we blew out the league even with that 16 or so game slump down the stretch last season? Bully's are crazy.. Recall last season the bully gave it all up early.. then when the roll started they also markedly improved. There's not one player (maybe Garcia) who's not previously proven success in The Show. Hoping they can fix this bully too! 

Ok call me sunshine pumper if ya want LOL.. but that's my take.. at this moment anyway


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