Giants have no prospects left

By: Java

They sold out to contend this year.  If they stay with this roster they will add 10-15 victories, but that's not enough to make a playoff run.  So yeah, they watsed a lot of money and talent in an attempt to be midling.  I didn't like those moves int he off season.  Thought with 2017's disaster that it was a good time to dive to the bottom, engage in a quick turnaround and perhaps become a contender as soon as 2020?  Maybe that's soon.  But be able to say hey look, we won in 2012, 2014, 2010 and here we are just 6 years later completely rebuilt and a new team and watch what the 20's bring.  Instead, I'm really not quite sure what they did.


Evans?  I thought Sabean was the GM there?  

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