Rich Hill must be loving it!

By: Torpedoman

Living on easy street for two more seasons (@$32mm). By the time he barely hits 40, he'll have a cool $50mm in the bank without having a care in the world accept for how to spend it all. 

This guy's attitude to date has been as nonchalent and imho maddening as hell. I hope that he doesn't come back. But, that the Dodgers make him at least earn his contract.. report to work for daily conditioning during road trips and report to The Ravine during homestands for strength/conditioning and to support the team at each and every game! How. the hell does a professional athlete for well over a decade all of a sudden can't control a blister problem? WTF!! If this were not controllable you'd hear about it from every team in organized baseball.. This guy's a fraud imho.. I'll tell ya where I think he outght to stick that finger!! 

When do we get Urias back? 

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