Clutch hitting, QUALITY AB's and

By: Torpedoman

for a change, getting a few very timely breaks sure helps alot. Hope this past weekend wasn't just a Washington Nats hiccup. Next 10 featuring Colo and SD will tell us something.

Must admit though. My early prognostications on Matt Kemp are sure making me look like a dumb ass. I'd stated basically that He would give up way more by his pathetic D. That he'd probably hit @240 and only hit @10 HR's 50 RBI. Go into a sick slump and become the unpopular standout albatross of the clubhouse. Long season but I'm really happily surprised.

Puig having MVP tools... well lol will say though that he's starting to fire up..  has been squaring up mostly all season, hitting shots right at the defense. He still imho has mad talent.. Still hopeful he turns it into something spectacular this season. His personality thus far however seems very wierd. I wonder what we don't know about him this season. 

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