I'll tell you why

By: Java

Because Rich Hill was a journeyman pitcher.  We've all heard the story.  He always either sucked or he was hurt.  Always.  Forever.


Till all of a sudden VOILA he was great with the A's for half a season.  And was hurt then too.  Blisters.  And LA gets ahold of him and prety much has been the same.


Here's what you and everyone else needs to know about Rich.    Rich knows it too.  Rich is a fake.  Rich is not a great picher.  So how has he put up these numbers?  The curveball.  And I don't just mean a regular curve.  I mean a grips it till your fingers and nails tear into it curve.  A curve so wrenching on your hands that if you and I threw it 5 times we'd be like "ow!  WTF!"  


Try it sometime.  Take a baseball and give it some odd grips in odd places and then throw it a few times.  It won't take long before you'll throw it like near the target.  You can make a ball do some tricky stuff.  You also may come away after aobut 10 minutes saying "dang, my arm hurts, I gotta knock this off. "  Or "ow, that really ripped up my fingers, screw that"


Welcome to the world of Rich Hill.  He's a professional pitcher.  He knows what he's doing.  He's taken measures that most normal professionals would not.  The DOdgers aren't dumb.  Their trainers aren't either.  This is not a mystery  You do this to your arm and hands and this happens  You can't be in a profession where touch and feel are so important and abuse your hands like a pair of vice grips.  But he is.  Why?  Because he was pitching for $1500 a month what, 3-4 years ago?  you do what you can.  And in MLB if you can string together 3-4 starts in a row, you can get everyone excited and make a lot of money.  Problem is, he needs that pitch.  He has to throw it.  The more he tries other stuff and gets away with it, the more starts he can go before the DL.  But without that pitch and the variations of arm angles he uses?  Without that?  He's a minor league pitcher.  


Oh, and he's pushing 40.  Now there's that.  Oh, so why not just not throw that pitch except in games?  Because pitching doesn't work like that.  you need to trhow your stuff every day in your regimen in order to stay sharp and control your stuff.  Otherwise he looks like you and me jerking around out there.  



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