I think I have listed

By: Java

My resume here before.  Players coached, what my sons did, etc.  Pitching was one of my specialties.  Weird thing is, I'm nto a very good one myself.  Truly a case of "if you can't do, teach"  I can break down a guy mechanically and see things no one else sees.  I understand how mechanically a guys field, hits, pitches, and and how to coach feet, hands and body to do those things.  And do it in a really easy to understand way.  Yet I can't really do it.   Obviously a lot of guys benefitted and had success and I am happy for those kids.  Youngest just had his season end, so it's a bit of a weird time for me.  19 years of baseball dad and coach.  Gone.  over as of last Friday.  Son hit .508 this year.    Older brother hit .586 last year.  Ask either of them around me and they'll basically tell you they invented baseball.  Not sure what they'd say if they weren't around me.  

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