IMHO Turner Ward, a hitting genius imho,

By: Torpedoman

does not seem to be able to 'reach' Cody. Just listening to a lot of the Dodger pre-post and in-game analysis, especially by Nomar and Orel, also Hairston.. they very often comment on Bellingers problems at the plate.  Ward has had since basically last Sept. to help CB figure out the adjustments necessary to solve the league's pitching philosophy against Cody, who's basically on @.140 current pace.  

I wonder why they don't sick Nomar onto Bellinger. His analysis seems so constructive. Now that things have degenerated so badly with CB that it's obviously become menta tool. Just observing his body language and accellerated frustration anguish after a significant strikeout, or fail to square up anything. Anyone can see that at the plate, his confidence is obviously shot and he is obviously lost.  

Roberts has indicated that a send-down is not a current option, and I personally believe it's because of Bellingers overall speed and his defensive versatility, also because Belli has proven that even in this slump, he's a dangerous power option. I wonder how long that philosophy will hold up though now that Toles was activated today in OKC. If he starts to rake in this rehab, does he beat out Bellinger.. thus keeping Muncy at 1B? 

Bottom line for me, would be to personally coach him, be it Nomar, Garvey who's also had demonstrative opinions, or even input from Melhuse or Sledge (our top two organizational minor leagues hitting coaches.)   

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