To me, Buhler is the story

By: Java

Disappointing that Urias didn't turn into the next kershaw.   Buhler looks like a future rotation fixture.    Future may be now.  I believe personally your farm system needs to produce two P a year.  One starter and one Bullpen.  It's been several years since LA has produced a starter.  Alex Wood was a young guy, but they traded for him.  Maeda and Ryu were imports.  Stripling isn't a ficture and Stewart less so.  WHAT would be nice would be for Urias to return, LA let him throw, and for Buhler and Urias to join that rotation in back to back years.  That would mean a lot.  


Much as LA is touted for their Pitching success, IMO they have not managed the careers or managed pitchers in general particularly well the last 4-5 years.  This modern Sabermetric thinking is brilling for finding guys who can hit curvballs when it's over 80 degrees against gay lefties who are pitching between 5-7 pm on the road on artificial turf.  LA trades for a guy who is #1 in MLB at that and they only use him for that.  Oh and the guy is a champion 3rd catcher, a left fielder, plays back up 3B and happens to make the best pastrami sammerch and knows how to get stains out of the clubhouse carpet.  Utility dudes.  LA is great at that.


But that same jack of all trades thinking can really screw with a young pitcher.  These guys need routine.  THey need consistency.  They need to be left alone.  They don't need to go back and forther between AAA and MLB every 6-10 days.  Be shoved into the rotation this week, shoved to long relief the next week, then on the fake DL for 3 weeks.  I think what LA does works with veterans but all this messing around I think screws with young arms and so far it shows.  

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